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They can easily operate and maintain Yurbi without needing to worry about deploying a large project or managing the resources to maintain it. Leverage that wealth of information you have available; grow your business. Let our team of experts complement your team to create reports, dashboards, and integrations that will give you valuable insights into your business. Start a trial of Yurbi to Bring Your Data to Life or contact us to discuss your requirements and learn more about how we can help.

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Software designed to be easy to use and fit perfectly in your daily workflow. Yurbi makes it easy to access business data for so you can make insights without jumping over hurdles like learning SQL code or asking IT for assistance. Experience all the benefits of web based software but with the added advantage of being able to install and maintain it on your own servers or private cloud with no need to copy your data to the Cloud. Our pricing is designed to fit the budget of the smallest customer and scale to support the largest.

No minimums, volume discounts, easy and transparent pricing.

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You bring the data, we help you convert it to information and share it securely with people who need it. Dashboards and reports for growing companies, backed up by a customer support team to make sure you're successful. As you have your data on hand, you can approach this as writing your ideas out and then looking for opportunities to connect the dots.

Think about how one insight relates to another and how they flow together in a logical sequence to start forming a strong foundation for the data story. What you want to do is look for opportunities to enhance sections that are even richer than you first thought.

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For example:. Your goal is to provide genuine value to your audience—so give them the additional context to understand why these statistics are significant or the effort will fall flat. I know from our own experiences in screwing this up. People see through distorted data; it often falls flat or becomes a source of controversy.

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A good example of this would be if we were to commission a story on why visual content is more effective than text-based content or audio content. It is to communicate with your audience, who you hopefully know well. The temptation is to take a leap straight from the data into designing the content. This approach results in either lengthy and expensive designer revisions or a disjointed story, because you have to make changes in a piecemeal fashion.

And take some extra time to dig deeper into the data itself; it will ultimately lead to a smoother design phase and save you time and money in the long run. Create engaging content for free.

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Either way, questions remain. Step 1: Two paths for finding and visualizing interesting data There are two paths you can take when you start thinking about visualizing your data: Using data visualization for analysis to find nuggets of insight in existing data sets you have on hand.

Finding the story in your data first e.

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Outlining is important because it helps you put together the structure for your data story.