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In fact, people who frequently take advantage of park activities have fewer doctor visits, lower body mass indexes and lower systolic blood pressures than those who don't, according to Dr. Laura L. Payne of the University of Illinois. A California State Parks report also highlights that outdoor recreation provides an excellent opportunity to increase exercise.

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It cites a study revealing that the availability of recreational facilities in a location impacts the amount of physical activity in which residents participate. Mental wellness is an important part of your overall health and can impact your physical well-being. Participating in leisure and recreation activities can help you better manage stress and reduce depression. Leisure provides you the chance to find balance in your life; it also puts you in control of how you're spending your time, which is an important consideration because you may feel overwhelmed by obligations.

Taking part in leisure activities as a family is also beneficial for your kids because you're modeling healthy ways to handle stress and emotions.

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  7. Participating in leisure activities regularly reduces depression; in fact, just thinking about past outdoor recreation experiences can improve mood, according to the California State Parks report. Finding balance is also a reason why leisure and recreation can enhance your quality of life.

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    Physical recreation, in particular, is associated with improved self-esteem. In addition, you're more likely to feel satisfied about your life when you regularly take part in recreation activities. This has significant implications for your mental health and, in turn, your physical health. In fact, 90 percent of respondents in a American Recreation Coalition study reported being satisfied with their health and fitness. In contrast, 60 percent of those who didn't take part in such activity reported not being satisfied with their health and fitness.

    All of these health benefits explain why recreational therapy can be such an essential part of a rehabilitation program. Search Close. Travel Articles. This story originally appeared on Foodandwine.

    Leisure-time exercise 'reduces depression risk'

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    The pop star, E! News reported, spent four sunny days in Mexico alongside a few of her best girlfriends.