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The crack in the rock is visible on the high mountain side for miles around. I could see it but had to figure out how to get to it. After around 3km of uphill hiking and scouting the way the pin takes us closer to the point. As the rocks dramatically change from loose shale to the black, volcanic looking, rock thats when we know we are in the right place.

First laying eyes on that crack in rock I had imagined from Instagram and travelled to see was so worth it. Toking for something more thrilling? It is possible to abseil into the crack, and it has been mapped out by people before. You might have to find yourself a good guide for that one. Grab some friends, a 4wd and try a new adventure!

If you find it I would love to see your adventure pics too. With thanks to Ahmed Alrahbi for helping me locate this area. Head out of Muscat for Rustaq following the pin. Remember you have to attempt the incredibly steep road to Wajmah village. If you have ever been to Muscat, the chances are you have seen the Al Amerat road as it snakes up the high mountain above.

I first blogged about this route back in , read here , and recently I have been back here a few more times for fitness and bringing people to see the world from my point of view. This week I took a group of ladies, and my trusty dog Luna, to this location for some great exercise and an excuse to be outdoors. On this particular day the cloud was a welcome barrier from the harsh sunshine but on a clear day to view over the city is spectacular. If you are in good health and ready to explore I would advise checking this one out.

When driving from Muscat up the hill towards Amerat there is a parking area half way up the hill on your right side. Get out your car, walk to the large Oman flag blowing in the wind, turn around and look at the high peaks behind you. What is a weekend without a little adventure? It really is an amazing world when you take the effort to venture away from the built up areas. And on this particular day it was incredibly peaceful and serene — Just what I was looking for!

Never one to pass up an opportunity, I lathered it on too. This beautifully tranquil location proved to be worth the three-hour drive from Muscat just for a slice of nature with not another soul around. You can reach Al Ain Sahban by a regular sedan car but it is best to cross the off-road bumpy landscape in a 4X4. Take the road from Muscat to Sohar. Follow the road for some time until you find a brown mosque, enter the small tunnel to your right. There are small, sporadic green signs in Arabic that lead you to the destination of Al Ain Sabhan spring.

Please be sure to be respectful to the local environment when visiting — The charm in this place is the serene nature and impressive lack of human touch. Where have I been? Where does the time go?

Why am I a lazy blogger? So many questions and time is marching on. Let me fill you in, mostly through pictures, on what has been going on in my crazy world. So retraining my ankle became my priority if I wanted to continue my adventures. The end of looked a lot like this.


The best way to heal is to get back outside. On a long hike from Jebel Hatt to Misfat Abreein. There were some mountain trips with some hairy friends, some goats too..

Hunted for dinosaurs in Wadi Al Khoudh with Spencer. A last minute invitation to a Holi party ended up like this. Afternoons like these, flying over the golden beaches of Sawadi. Then on board with the Redbull sailing team at the Extreme Sailing Series When training for Everest, I made the Duncan crew join in too. And of course everywhere I go, my mini adventurer wants to come too. Here we are loving life at the Jebel Shams Challenge. With summer in Oman in full swing, what do we do when it heats up again?

We continue the adventures, of course! You just have to think outside the box and accept the inevitable — you will get very sweaty! Strapping my wake board on again after a broken ankle felt amazing! Nothing like head butting the ocean a few times to wake you up! We have been loving Trampo Oman, the indoor play area for children and bigger children like me.

Look out for the nibbling wildlife! So that takes me too the present day, the start of June We are now well and truly under the smothering blanket of summer time in Oman where most people either leave for the summer tend to go into hibernation for a couple of months. Here are some suggestions.. Despite the short flight time of just 40 minutes from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, to reach the modest mountain dwelling of Lukla — this is not your average plane journey.

You cannot pinpoint one particular reason why it has earned this fearsome title. It is a combination of many small things from the changeable weather conditions to the airport set up. All factors combined it strikes fear into even the toughest of travellers. With pilots flying on expert skill without any visual aid, this is definitely not your average airport.

The majority of flights fly between 6am and midday due to more stable weather patterns in the turbulent mountain air. Sitting waiting in the airport with no visual screens for information or any direction from the airport ground staff it can be a frustrating wait in this extremely basic airport.

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Let me give you some advice after we were stuck there for 2 days: Expect to spend at least a few hours here. You will need plenty of snacks to keep you going as the only food place sells Pringles. To curb the boredom bring a book, crossword or pass the time by saying your prayers before you swoop off the end of the runway. Sounds crazy, right?! Despite all of this, the novelty and anticipation of flying from Lukla airport is all part of the adventure of visiting the region.

But I can certainly tell you about my life here and then let you make up your own mind. It is almost 6 years since I left my little life in the North of Scotland and took the gamble on a new life abroad. The Omani people are so kind, curious and welcoming. If you make an effort to learn even a tiny bit of the Arabic language in a greeting it is so well received. It shows that you, the alien from a strange land, are trying. And so you should, we are visitors after all. But for me the standout thing about Oman that keeps me passionately in love with the place is the outdoors.

From the rolling golden dunes of the Wahiba Sands to the underwater paradise of the Damaniyat Islands and everything in between, Oman is insanely beautiful and simple with it. I could honestly talk all day about the amazing places in Oman and my wacky experiences along the way. There is just something so magical about exploring here that it never gets old. Jebel Akhdar, or known as the Green Mountain, is just somewhere that makes my soul feel calm. Check out the luxury Anantara Hotel also, it is divine. For adventure I love the mountains, ocean and desert but one place that always sticks in my mind is Wadi Arbeein.

Swimming in the fresh pools it is so clear that you can open your eyes underwater, or just relax and let the little fish nibble away at your feet. For the more adventurous people you can try and find the secret waterfall around a 5 hour strenuous adventure. If you can perservere with the hot air burning your eye balls and endure the 1st degree skin burns from your seatbelt then you totally deserve the winter months. The country comes alive with fun and positive vibes!

Until Next Time...The Blogging Adventures of a Broken Housewife (and Mom)

How do you survive the summer? Pretty much just stay indoors — Watch Netflix, Join a gym, Water activities. Oodles of excited new Expats, possibly much like yourself, send me questions about which area of the city to move to, which phone network they should use, which car rental place they should try — Remember, Google is your friend. I can help to recommend you in some things but in others if you are taking the plunge to a new life you have to figure these things out for yourself.

Enjoy the adventure. Be independent. Drop me a mail or come find me on Instagram. So, what are you waiting for?! Accept that job, take a risk and see what the world has to offer.

See a Problem?

Oh, and tackle that tiny thing called altitude as I embark on a 14 day trek to Everest Base Camp. The Mountain Vibes: So why do I crave the mountains? I believe that everyone in life has a happy place, the place where they feel calm and content. My stresses melt away and things that bothered me before seem insignificant after a good dose of the outdoors life.

For years I have dreamt of visiting the iconic Mount Everest but I have to be realistic that my body would be unlikely to handle the altitude of something so momentous as summiting the highest mountain in the world. After reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in I became very sick from the effects of altitude.

Thus, my sights turned to the famous Everest Base Camp. For me, it is the journey — Being in the Himalayas, on an incredible adventure with amazing people and experiencing things with my own eyes. Hiking for 14 days is physically tough on the body so this requires some training to prepare. After breaking my ankle 4 months ago, and spending 6 weeks of that in a cast, the main focus to prepare for the journey ahead is to strengthen my ankle and surrounding muscles again. Training outdoors so frequently has given me so many amazing opportunities to see new places in Oman and try out new trails.

My bag is almost packed and ready to go with my trusty mountain gear once again. A rolled ankle or even a blister could cause you immense pain and ruin your trip. Trusty and well worn boots from The North Face. One thing I have learnt to pack better this time around is a medical kit. Like, really almost anything.

Google it. Kit bag packed with many helpful items. With every trip and adventure I throw myself into, I find another piece of my puzzle in life. Eventually I will know who I am supposed to be as an adult, so my hope with this trip to Nepal is that I find a couple more pieces of my puzzle.

Arriving in Salalah after completing the crazy World Record Attempt we had just a few hours free to explore. Do you follow my page on Facebook? You may notice the recurring animal selfie theme…. Immediately following the loss, I felt foolish for feeling grief. Was it really a baby yet? I searched for any scriptures that spoke about the unborn. There was Psalm My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret…Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.

The best comfort came when I read Luke chapter one and realized that Jesus was Lord in the womb. He told her that the moment the Holy Spirit came upon her she would conceive the Savior. Clinging to these truths helped me to move past the awkward guilt of grief and realize that grieving the loss of life was actually a form worship. In acknowledging that my baby lived, I honor God as the creator and sustainer of life. God is still good. I must have chanted this phrase a hundred times following the miscarriage.

What is my favourite thing about Oman?

Hard truth to swallow? But it points me heavenward. This truth has HUGE implications for my life now: how can I live in fear of what will happen to me, Everly, Mike, or our future children when I know that the best lies beyond? I believe no experience is wasted — God redeems it all — so naturally, I immediately began looking for ways to make meaning of this loss. I saw how tightly I clung to my ideal family. Since we were engaged Mike and I would confidently tell people that we wanted four kids, born back-to-back. Silly as it sounds I mean, did I really think I could control that?

I was devastated that this miscarriage frustrated our plan. Good, I thought. I found the lesson God wanted me to learn. But feelings of frustration, disappointment, and bitterness kept creeping back in over, and over, and over again. I sought reassurance from friends and family. While they encouraged the best they could, none of them were able to give me answers or heal me of my depressing thoughts. Words from my sister brought 2 Corinthians to mind:. I am too weak to process my grief and disappointment.

No amount of time or encouragement from loved ones will remedy my weakness. But those unmet desires and pains drive me to the Lord. In those moments when I trade striving and self-berating for surrender and trust, I experience His strength. We still hope to welcome more children into it, but ultimately, our trust is in Christ alone. If God did not spare his own Son but gave him up for me, he will certainly also graciously give me all that I need today Romans I started to cry.

In an effort to distract myself I focused on the sunrise. Immediately my mind was drawn back to the sunrise I watched in Maui on Haleakala just a few weeks ago…. Hundreds of spectators crowded the outlook paths. It was a standing-room-only situation. We arrived in the dark and stumbled our way to the viewpoint.

Everyone pressed as close as they could get to the railing — the only thing keeping us from plummeting into the crater below. What if I waited for God as expectantly as I waited for the sunrise in Haleakala? Do I really believe that he is willing and able to act on my behalf? To meet me in my grief, to light my path with wisdom, and to fulfill my desires for his presence?

His word promises me of his faithfulness. He has proven himself over and over in my life. No matter my season — whether it be of grief, doubt, wandering, or fear — I can trust that Dawn is coming. I was 9 months pregnant and feeling every sweaty step as I approached the front door. I fell in love with the house before the home tour was over. It was a fixer upper with good bones, lots of dreamy natural light — and to put icing on the cake — it was a huge bargain in our dream neighborhood!

We immediately put an offer on the house, closed on it the day after I gave birth, and moved in two-weeks postpartum. The plan was to begin renovations weeks after moving in, but those weeks turned into months. I grew impatient.

50 Business Ideas for Moms

I made an inventory list of every little change I wanted to make — nothing was negotiable. I asked myself:. What if my Pinterest board dreams were executed to a T and my home became the envy of Instagram? His kingdom — his presence, his power, his work — are the only things that matter! One day we might move or lose our house to an unfortunate circumstance. But my eternal home is unshakeable. If used correctly, our home can be an effective tool in kingdom work. For those whose hope is in the coming kingdom, our homes are less like treats and more like a network of foxholes for planning and hosting kingdom advances into this present darkness.

Our homes are centers of hospitality to show strangers and neighbors the light of Christ. When my heart and hopes are set on Christ, I count my material blessings for what they are — gifts given for accomplishing kingdom purposes. I look forward to raising our family within these walls. I can see gospel-conversations around the kitchen table, teaching our kids to read from their bibles, hosting studies, and helping to mend broken hearts with true comfort from the seats of our comfy couch.

Save Save. Why do I blog? Who do I blog for? I showed up late to the blogging party and was completely clueless to how popular it had become. Suddenly, I felt this internal pressure to be the influential lifestyle blogger — an expert in all things: makeup, style, homemaking, travel, photography, brand marketing, and child-rearing! Those topics are not my passion. I could never write about them in my authentic voice. And in a culture in which we are constantly tempted to define ourselves by what we do and own , I felt all the more convicted that my writing was moving far from the mark of pleasing my Maker.

So now for as long as I am led this blog will serve as a journal of sorts. While pregnant with my daughter Everly, I wrote a prayer asking that the Lord would give her both roots and wings. This blog is a space where I can share my own practice of roots and wings. Because he is completely worthy of all of the praise! Last month we took Everly on her second big adventure…camping in Havasupai Falls!

We take groups of people to Supai on guided tours as a side biz and we went down last year while Everly was 5 months old on the inside! This trip was also a really important heart check for me.

Because I Said So- The official Blog of Author and Mom Blogger Dawn Meehan

So approaching this camping trip I let go of all expectations. Not in a pesimistic sense, but one open-handed to whatever new blessings the Lord had in store for our adventuring family. With only 1 camping trip under our belts, we are by no means experts, but the things that worked for us we are more than happy to pass on! We took these photos with the talented Kourtney Marie just ten days after Everly was born. Save Save Save Save. It was a refreshing weekend with family and friends, but at one point I had to combat a serious bout of mom guilt.

We were at a swanky seaside restaurant for dinner and were seated on the patio. As I slid two chairs together into a makeshift changing table, I began to berate myself:. At that moment, an elderly woman entered the restroom and interrupted my thoughts. She came close to admire her and we exchanged a little small talk. She told me how she regretted not having a child of her own. Instead of having children, she toured the world as a career ballerina performing in famous shows, including Swan Lake.

But now look at me — I have nothing to show for it. My heart broke.