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Being a parent is a really tough job.

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Even though you love your children to bits, sometimes they take everything you've got - emotionally, mentally and physically. That's why every parent needs superpowers. An array of things to do and say, and an approach for every tricky situation, when you know theres a better way but you cant think what it is. In Superpowers for Parents youll uncover the secrets of great parenting and discover how you can get inside the mind of your child to understand why they behave as they do. This book will show you how to instil in your child the vital skills they will need to grow into mentally healthy, well-rounded individuals.

With these skills theyll be in a much better position to enjoy a happy and care-free childhood where they dont resort to anger and bad behaviour to express their feelings. Psychobabble Stephen Briers. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Stephen Briers.

Superpowers for Parents: The Psychology of Great Parenting and Happy Children

Bloggat om Superpowers for Parents. Carin walks her talk.

After following Midwest picture perfect happiness, Carin left her unfulfilling marriage and lucrative corporate career to pursue her purpose. She is a dairy queen lover, marathon runner, painter and avid writer who lives in New York City with her mutt puppy, Henry. Dominic A. Randolph is head of school at Riverdale Country School in the Bronx and a leader in the international character education movement. Before that, Dr. Mark has taken Action for Happiness from a concept on paper to a mass participation movement with hundreds of thousands of members and a wide range of activities.

Mark has a long-standing interest in happiness and well-being and is passionate about creating a more balanced, collaborative society that focuses less on consumption and material wealth and more on helping people and communities thrive. Kim West is a mother of two and a Clinical Social Worker who has been a practicing child and family social worker for more than twenty years. Design psychology coach and author Rebecca West helps people live happier, more successful lives by changing their personal environments.

With a degree from the University of Washington in Community and Environmental Planning, she comes to design not from a love of sofas, but from a desire to create supportive and nurturing spaces.

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Matthew Scholes lives in Melborne Australia and has over 15 years experience working in the sporting industry in the areas of athlete development, event management, sports marketing and training and education. Matthew is considered a leader in developing innovative experiential training models for athletes, volunteers and administrators in the sports sector.

He has worked with schools, sporting clubs and corporations. She is a speaker, coach, consultant and an experiential learning curator. Emiliya has over hours of training in yoga teaching, as well as other complimentary alternative approaches to well-being including biofeedback, Thai massage, Reiki, intenSati and more.

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Siegel has published extensively for both the professional and lay audiences. The greatest wish any parent has for their child is that they live a happy and fulfilling life. Yet, most of our efforts tend to focus on academic success and physical health. We teach them the value of working hard, eating well and exercising often. We visit the doctor, dentist, chiropractor, optician without a second thought when a physical problem arises, and we'll contact school when there is a problem with their learning.

But when it comes to mental health, we simply don't have the same access to experts. This is partly because, as parents and teachers, we simply don't have the knowledge, experience or ability to fully understand the issues going on inside our child's mind - and that is if they even choose to share their concerns with us in the first place. Mental health disorders affect more people than other leading illnesses combined.

[PDF Download] Superpowers for Parents: The Psychology of Great Parenting and Happy Children

Depression and anxiety are the greatest burden on our health service. But unfortunately, most people adults and children never receive any treatment at all. Yet there is hope: Research shows that happiness can be learned! She also has been mentored by — and regularly collaborates with — some of the top depression prevention experts in the world. As host of the popular Live Happy Now weekly podcast , she has interviewed psychologists, scientists, authors and musicians to help listeners better understand the connection between our daily practices and our personal well-being.

She is particularly interested in such topics as the connection between music and mental health, biophilia, and how to create greater happiness in the workplace. In her downtime, she explores happiness by playing with her Boston terrier, Archie, or attending concerts. One of the most impactful, mood-boosting tools we have in our parenting toolkit is the power of movement, activity and exercise.

Emiliya shares the science of human flourishing and how to boost vitality in both the body and mind of your child. It all starts with teaching your child body awareness, and Emiliya shows us simple steps to shift our physiology. From neuroscience to movement, self calming and breathing techniques, you will learn powerful tools to empower your child to move their body to a state of calm.

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