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Students were protesting the establishment with chaos, and Kevin Moran became as a result of that chaos.

Older generation said they had a cause, and question Saturday's violent crowd

After the first branch of bank of America was destroyed, a second branch was built to hold the place of the first. The communities reaction to the second center became apparent during another riot in Isla Vista. On April 18 th , , students proceeded to try to burn not only the bank but also other businesses in the area.

Moran and his roommates had put out a fire in Taco Bell before they moved to put out the fire at the Bank of America. This incident became the only death as a result of the riots, and to this day, we remember Kevin Moran in Isla Vista.

Isla Vista Food Co-op Purchases Its Home

Original plaque placed by Bank of America that still remains outside of Embarcadero Hall. The Embarcadero Hall still has the plaque placed in its front doors in memory of Moran, making it a container for the incident that took his life as well as for the turmoil that took over Isla Vista.

Isla Vista Deltopia Riot - Live Shot 2

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Burning Down the Isla Vista Bank of America | The Daily Nexus

Notify me of new comments via email. During the great floods of the 90's Isla Vista liquor stores price gouged - The electricity was out so residents were invited in to the store in groups of 5.

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Triple the prices. Landlords have run amok since then. There has always been chaos in IV. We wanna be free! We wanna be free to do what we wanna do.

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  5. We wanna be free to ride our machines without being hassled by The Man! The world is not as boring as a Starbucks. This is why we can't have nice things. If they are unknown why is there a picture of several of them here? People were losing their homes and even a life was lost and these idiots our future were lighting things on fire and dancing in the street.

    The Isla Vista War—Campus Violence In a Class By Itself

    Shame on you IV. So these are the same people? Or is that some sort of bizarre utterly irrational generalization from some residents of IV to all residents of IV forever and ever? Hint: it's the latter.

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    This handful of people is neither "our future" nor "IV", it's just a few people. You missed the time they burned down the bank? Skip to main content. Search form.

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    Public News. Login to add Comments. Toggle Comments Show. Illegal Fireworks and Arson in Isla Vista During Power Outage I used to be proud of all that stuff when I was a juvenile offender I got stabbed good in my arm pit when I was 13, I used to walk around with my arm raised showing my stab wound people probably thought I wanted them to smell my B.

    Illegal Fireworks and Arson in Isla Vista During Power Outage The answer to your "big question" is: their parents, with contributions from their culture and their peers.