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Steven Moffat's Doctor Who The Critical Fan's Guide to Matt Smith's Second Series (Unauthorized). Steven Moffat's Doctor Who, no. 2. Steven Cooper.

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These can be discovered on a guided tour of London with a knowledgeable Blue Badge Tourist Guide but I have highlighted below:. George Washington American tourists are often surprised that there is a statue of their first president in the heart of London at Trafalgar Square. The statue shows Washington holding a bundle of 13 fasces which represent the original 13 states of the newly created United States of America.

There is a popular legend that Washington, whose family came from the North East of England, had said he would never set foot on British soil again so some American soil was put under the statue comply with his wishes.

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It is a replica of an original by Jean Antoine Houdon and was given to Britain by the Commonwealth of Virginia in Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln is arguably the most admired American president in Britain despite the fact that the southern states of the Confederacy provided slave-produced cotton which English factories and mills in the north were dependent on and they suffered badly because of the American civil war.

It was unveiled in to commemorate years of peace between the United Kingdom and the United States. He also led the United States into war and effectively ended any possibility Hitler had of gaining victory. It was paid for by the British people, , of whom paid five shillings 25p each at a time of rationing and hardship, the money raised in under a week.

Apart from the official statue of Roosevelt in Grosvenor Square, there is an informal one of him and Churchill sitting and chatting in Bond Street. I once heard a story that the Duke of Westminster, whose family owned the land, refused to sell it and insisting on a leasing agreement instead. Eisenhower pestered the Duke so much that eventually he agreed to do so but only on condition that his family regained all the land they had owned in America before independence.

As this was most of Illinois, including Chicago, that deal never came about. It is a good story, but I can find no confirmation of it.

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Ronald Wilson Reagan Mrs. Thatcher would have really liked to have unveiled this monument to her friend Ronald Reagan, but ill health prevented her attending when it was unveiled by the US Ambassador. Jack Kennedy spent part of his youth there after his father Joe was made ambassador to Britain by Roosevelt. Coming from Irish ancestry, the elder Kennedy never lost the anti-British attitudes he was born with and tried to persuade Roosevelt to stay out of the war.

His son loved Britain, however, and was loved in return.

Washington itself : an informal guide to the Capital of the United States

I specialise in religious, music, theatre and literary themed tours and…. People only take down statues of losers. For instance all the slave owning losers from the Confederacy. Those really are some spectacular losers. Losers that lost really badly.

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Total defeat type of losers. Why thank you. Meeting deadlines is taken very seriously and missing agreed deadlines is seen as irresponsible. Americans are extremely informal and call most people by their first name or nickname.

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However, it is a good rule of thumb to address them by their title Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr, etc in general and last name e. Smith until you are specifically told otherwise. However, as mentioned, Americans may also address you by your first name immediately after being introduced to you; this is not considered rude at all and reflects the more casual style of Americans. Differences in management culture can have a big impact on employee and company performance and a good understanding of cultural differences is imperative.

In the US, employees are delegated tasks which come with clear responsibilities and instructions from their manager. Employees are held accountable for their performance in relation to the tasks assigned to them. As mentioned previously, Americans are direct and will always say what they mean, so as a manager you will also need to get used to this style. They do not mean to insult with their directness; they just like to get to the point and do not like to waste time.

Presidential Power: Crash Course Government and Politics #11

Achievements and success within the job role are more important than seniority. Going the extra mile above and beyond your everyday role, or using creativity to tackle an issue is something which is very important in American business culture. You must have the correct visa to enter America.

Decide what you want to do short term or long term stay and look into your visa options thoroughly.

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One of the biggest challenges you will find is securing an appropriate work visa. The government does not have a health service. Ensure you have medical insurance which is suitable for your time in America, as you are likely to be refused treatment without it. If you are planning to stay there, you can register with the local health service. Apply for a social security number as soon as possible.

Gallery 4 - Ordovician (and Mississippian, The National Gallery of Art, West Wing)

You will need this in order to open a bank account. The cost of living in the USA really does vary greatly depending on where you plan to live, so ensure that you complete thorough research prior to making any decisions as to where you will base yourself. The main language of the USA is English, but you may encounter regions where Spanish is more frequently spoken. Kwintessential offers a range of language translation services to suit your needs. Contact us for more information or to get a quote today.

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