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Jaune Arc would become a Hero… or he'd die trying. I'd like to have a quick mention here that this fic is not, and has never been intended as, a crossover with The Gamer, TGWP, or any other fics like that. Nor is it a crossover with SAO or whatever else, which I'm sure some may comment at in coming chapters. Similarly, lore, rules and exposition will be explained through dialogue and interactions, and I will not be info-dumping things in author's notes or dedicated explanation chapters. The entire world here is an RPG-based Remnant. But they are not "playing" it, they are living in it.

So in some ways you won't have the full picture of how things work initially, but will come to learn them along with Jaune. That said, much of it is an original concept, so it's not worth listing similarities to things like Gamer, WoW, Sao or other things. Remnant here works on other rules.

Which will be covered in time. Similarly at this point, the stats what they all mean might not make sense though obviously they will likely be recognised. As for chapter length, as a prologue this one is incredibly short — but average chapter length should be more along the lines of 5,, words. I don't want to make any promises, but that's what I am aiming for.

The Night Before Critmas

Btw, some words start oddly with a capital letter - that is because they are "big things" in this world, and thus are given them in their culture. It's not just me spelling badly. Dexterity, Quest, Skills, etc Next Chapter: 25 th July Updates every second Monday. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Jaune had always dreamed of being a Hero, of being someone. But dreams were just that; for in the world of Remnant the Class you are born with determines your fate.

Jaune was born a Blacksmith, and thus that was his destiny. But when a strange opportunity allows him to change that, can a simple Blacksmith become something more within the Beacon Academy for Heroes? Either way, that didn't make him a Hero. It didn't make me a Hero. It just wasn't done. But I wasn't a Hero. I knew that. Jaune, they read. And beneath that a single word… Blacksmith. To the world outside; I was a Knight.

For the sake of curiosity my eyes closed, breath evening as my statistics came into my mind. I wanted to be a Hero. That I accepted the fact… did that make me a Hero? Or just a fool? Book 1: Chapter 1 2. Book 1: Chapter 2 3. Book 1: Chapter 3 4. Book 1: Chapter 4 5. Book 1: Chapter 5 6. Book 1: Chapter 6 7. Book 1: Chapter 7 8. Book 1: Chapter 8 9. Book 1: Chapter 9 Book 1: Chapter 10 Book 1: Chapter 11 Book 1: Chapter 12 Book 1: Chapter 13 Book 1: Chapter 14 Book 1: Chapter 15 - End Book 2: Chapter 1 Book 2: Chapter 2 Book 2: Chapter 3 Book 2: Chapter 4 Book 2: Chapter 5 Book 2: Chapter 6 Book 2: Chapter 7 Book 2: Chapter 8 Book 2: Chapter 9 Book 2: Chapter 10 Book 2: Chapter 11 Book 2: Chapter 12 Book 2: Chapter 13 Book 2: Chapter 14 Book 2: Chapter 15 - End Book 3: Chapter 1 Book 3: Chapter 2 Book 3: Chapter 3 Book 3: Chapter 4 Book 3: Chapter 5 Book 3: Chapter 6 Book 3: Chapter 7 Book 3: Chapter 8 Book 3: Chapter 9 Book 3: Chapter 10 Book 3: Chapter 11 Book 3: Chapter 12 Book 3: Chapter 13 Book 3: Chapter 14 Book 3: Chapter 15 Book 3: Chapter 16 - End Book 4: Chapter 1 Book 4: Chapter 2 Book 4: Chapter 3 Book 4: Chapter 4 Book 4: Chapter 5 Book 4: Chapter 6 Book 4: Chapter 7 Book 4: Chapter 8 Book 4: Chapter 9 Book 4: Chapter 10 Book 4: Chapter 11 Book 4: Chapter 12 Book 4: Chapter 13 Book 4: Chapter 14 Book 4: Chapter 15 Book 4: Chapter 16 Book 4: Chapter 17 - End Book 5: Chapter 1 Book 5: Chapter 2 Book 5: Chapter 3 Book 5: Chapter 4 Book 5: Chapter 5 Book 5: Chapter 6 Book 5: Chapter 7 Book 5: Chapter 8 Book 5: Chapter 9 Book 5: Chapter 10 Book 5: Chapter 11 Book 5: Chapter 12 Book 5: Chapter 13 Book 5: Chapter 14 Book 5: Chapter 15 Book 5: Chapter 16 - End Book 6: Chapter 1 Book 6: Chapter 2 Book 6: Chapter 3 Book 6: Chapter 4 Book 6: Chapter 5 Book 6: Chapter 6 Book 6: Chapter 7 Book 6: Chapter 8 Book 6: Chapter 9 Book 6: Chapter 10 Book 6: Chapter 11 Book 6: Chapter 12 Book 6: Chapter 13 Book 6: Chapter 14 Book 6: Chapter 15 - End Book 7: Chapter 1 Book 7: Chapter 2 Book 7: Chapter 3 Book 7: Chapter 4 Book 7: Chapter 5 Book 7: Chapter 6 Book 7: Guild Interlude Book 7:Chapter 7 Book 7: Chapter 8 Book 7: Chapter 9 Book 7: Chapter 10 Book 7: Chapter 11 Book 7: Chapter 12 Book 7: Chapter 13 Book 7: Chapter 14 Book 7: Chapter 15 Book 7: Chapter 16 End Oh, come on, Greg.

Tell it like it is. Whether through age or experience - we're just losing our minds. I'm so exited for your upcoming Halo novel "Halo: Cryptum" But I'm also very worried that you will ruin this fiction I have been a fan of for most my life i've read all the halo novels based before halo 1 , think you can pull it off based on what I've read about you but forerunners are a touchy fiction that can be easily ruined. I just have one question do you have book 2 finished like how games are already in production before the first game is in stores I hope you can pull it off! Indeed, Josh, everyone has their own vision of what the Forerunners were like Hope mine meshes with at least a few!

Thanks, Larry! Unavailable at the moment, but if there's enough interest, perhaps we could set up a small mail-order print business. I think if you did that, it would stir up enough interest for your fans and collectors to buy them. I was reading the transcripts in the secret data pads hidden in the Halo: Reach game, and they reminded me of your writing style.

Then I remmembered that you're writing the new Halo Forerunner books, that I can't wait to read by the way. Did you write those data pad transcripts? Not my work, but I have no doubt they're brilliant anyway. I'm looking forward to Hull Zero Three as well. I preordered that and Cryptum on Amazon. I can't wait.

I was just wondering if you had ever worked with Robert Forward before he passed away. Your writing style is not the same but there are similarities there. His books were generally much more hard science than most scifi writers but they have a certain "rhythm" that seems similar to some of your books. The differences between your 2 styles would seem to compliment each other similar to the works of Niven and Pournelle.

On another note, when is your new book coming out and has there been any progress on a "Forge of God" movie? A huge fan, Eric. Hello, Eric! I did indeed spend quality time with Robert Forward back in the seventies and eighties. He was a brilliant mind, and helped me work through some conceptual and physics problems for EON among others. His books are wonders of speculation and scientific vision.

His daughter, Eve Forward, is also an author of note! I didn't know his daughter was a writer as well. I'll make a point to look up her books. My 3 favorite authors have always been Heinlein, You, and Forward. Vastly differing styles but incredible stories from each. My wife and I still quote lines from "Dragons Egg" even though we both read it many years ago. The conceptual leap made by one of the "Cheelas" when she realized that seeds could represent pods was wonderful reading. That moment is what teachers live for and Mr. Forward captured it as well as anyone I've read.

The story has always been there, but now visual effects are perhaps of a high enough standard to meet the book's huge scope and scale. In a perfect world, who would you have direct a future movie? We're still working to get Ken Nolan's excellent screenplay to the big screen. That's good news Greg. Ken's a terrific screenwriter, and his screenplay is also terrific.

Black Hawk Down is not the only thing he's written. Although, it may be fair to say that the book it was drawn from was about nothing that had any story, anyways. No, that was Jonathan Nolan. Oh dear. Hi Greg, hope you're well, It's been a few months since my last posting. Or is it still, as they say, in 'development hell'?

Is an Anvil of Stars screenplay also being developed in parallel with the FoG? Lots of questions, but would really appreciate some news! Many thanks, Chris. I gather from other posts that the proposed movie in question basically combines the two books? Also, do you have any actors in mind for various characters? Still in development, Jonathan--with Ken Nolan combining both novels into a single film. No updates yet! Hi Greg, I'm hoping the film is still go go go though honestly, the book is so well done I doubt the film could improve on what your words created in my imagination , but how on earth can two books be combined into one film?

Will it be 12 hours long?? I've actually read the Forge of God twice, and am just about to read Anvil of Stars, so if you have time to answer please dont tell me any spoilers, but really, are you concerned at all that by condensing the story, some of the deep emotion the book creates could be lost? Thanks, David. Movies and books are completely different animals--and both have to make their own paths and fit their own rules.

No spoilers! Still in process. Just doing my quarterly status update : I am worried that we will actually be destroyed by self-replicating von neumann killer probes before these books ever get made into movies. Either that, or we'll be snuffed out by an asteroid. Funny you should mention that! I'm getting worried, too. Patience is a virtue! This is merely associatory.

The other night I watched the recent Mongol. I thought it was excellent. The depictions of the those people, their some might say lack of expression, were so powerful. If not familiar, you might like it. The air is crisp and all things shifting like sweet wax. Not a year for epic poetry A Happy Sigh-Fie Autumn to all! Beleaguered by my degradation, "Ishanaxade, hear me," I pined, "Reweaver of tangled causation, Flesh abandons me! Fear fills my mind! Crypto-historical Lost Lenore, Mend my gray tenure's unravelling! I fade in your particle dance, Time and anatomy break me, Unmake our sardonic romance!

The Abandoned One Deep within a silent wood, beneath the curving flanks and woven arches of enormous roots all cold and smooth with slime Deep where blacker than mere mortal night lie velvet shadow- webs and lichen-lacquered boulders older far than any rhyme Deep where pallid fungi sleep and muted waters wind and seep, unthinking, into crevices and bedrock way below Deeper yet than life on land --than anything men understand-- under fossil-bearing shales, past stony squids and bony whales, beyond the voids of solid rock where frozen creatures gape in shock at limestone currents brushing fans of polyp-growths like reaching hands Deep the eager moisture crawls to wet the black and waxen walls of cavities whose atmosphere no lung has ever known Cavities?

Nay, excavations! Stems thick as refrigerators, thrust from rigid, bony craters flex and strain in tunnels now too small for them to move! Hairy over every part with rooty fibers from its heart that ever creep and crack their way in search of open air! For as our Milky Way revolved ten thousand times, the thing evolved, a billion years all blindly spent at hoarding each rare element, no plan but only sluggish hunger, habit writ in flesh when younger laws of nature bubbled forth from time's chaotic froth An age between each peeling, every carapace revealing some new horror as the sleeping germ sucked wet, unworthy grit Sucked until a mind was lit which, flick'ring still, will soon blaze bright, which gropes already up toward light in sudden, rushing, conscious integration!

Fibers rising into wood of mighty trunks that long have stood all shaggy-black and gallant 'gainst a sky so seldom watched! Fibers from another star yet older on this Earth by far than anything biology has shown! From a world where nothing dies, where any worm may mount the skies, all scuttling things like gods, become, if only they avoid the belly of some more ambitious jelly A nugget from beyond the void, that might as soon have been destroyed, a pet perhaps, but never dead, immortal in its rocky bed, but breaking, now, into the dawn, a bright encircling faerie lawn, pink-and-petaled points atipping slender stems soon to be gripping, feeding on, all flesh--the greedy tentacles of Earth!

Ever eating and absorbing! Ever changing, rearranging! Evermore the globe become its flesh and burning brain! Eyes as large as cities! Open mouths like hungry canyons! All that lives today tormented underneath its heaving skin! Seized and fed into red chasms! Shredded in hot, bloody spasms! Tentacles like dancing mountains! Oceans gone in acid fountains! Telepathic emanations Searching scattered stellar nations! Wings of darkness beating!

Leaving sun and moon behind! Screaming solid mind! Archon Host! Black Lies! Must Find! Blood and Pain! Gail's hair and long dress rode the air like veils of mist as she ran in the early light. Again, Wow, Bill! I'll pass these gems along to Mr. Lovecraft at our next meeting of the Nameless Ones. Happy Halloween! I always suspected that you hailed from dark and charnel cosmic spaces beyond all ken. Sup well at Samhain's feast! Dear Greg I'm taking great pleasure in writing this to you from my home in London, England.

I read Eon the week it was published here in the UK in , at the tender age of It blew my mind. Just a few moments ago I pulled Eon off my book shelf, where it was been patiently resting until it would be once again pressed into service and I was greeted by a short personal message you wrote in my copy at a signing in So 18 years on, thank you so much for all the pleasure your books have given me over the years. I'm looking forward to others journeying down The Way with me, once again.

Many thanks, Gerard! It's high time to come back to London and visit again! Bear, Just a quick note to say that I love your work, and thank you for gracing us with your talents! Oh, and a reminder that Austin is pretty nice in the late Fall! Great bookstores! Many thanks, Casey! It's been far too long since I've been through Austin! Is this a concrete date for the first book of this trilogy?

Sincerely, Mike Morgan. Hi Greg.

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I remember your interest in writing from high school days. I especially enjoyed your contribution to the foundation series. I felt it was the closest of the "three B's" to follow the "one A'z" style. We have both changed a bit over the years but see if your can recognize me.

Go to the youtube browser and type in the word depressamine. Have fun. Hello, Toni! Now wait I minute--I thought I was the class clown! Or Scott Shaw! There was a lot of competition back then Good to hear from you. Hi Greg and Astrid, I hope you had a safe trip home and took some enjoyable memories of our little Germany and especially Leipzig. I really enjoyed meeting you there and am happy to see the cool picture of us on your facebook site.

I also have some pictures, e.

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Maybe it is because I am born in that area, but to me this story of the battle that marked the end of the Roman expansion in the North is one of the most thrilling real-life tales I ever read. This includes the whole "Merle"-trilogy, Kai's best-selling work. However, I recommend the whole series, so "Dark Reflections" would be the right one. You will find it very European, I suppose - it is Fantasy, but it is deeply rooted in the fairy tales of our old continent and the Mediterranean area.

Hope to hear from you some time, Bernard. Hello, Bernard! We certainly had a fine time in Leipzig, and it was wonderful to meet one of my translators! You should find some of our pictures posted on Facebook, including, I believe, your own! Thanks for the references and recommendations. And thanks as well to all who helped arrange for our lovely visit! In "Foundation and Chaos" page when Daneel visists Hari Seldon before he is arrested I was dismayed to find biblical passages rewritten.

Take all of this off my shoulders! Hari being Jesus and Daneel being God. The rest of the book was terrific!!!! Thanks, Arthur! I don't recall making a conscious parallel, but it is striking. Bear Just finished your novel "Quantico", can only suggest a course on enemy identification. As in, "We have met the enemy and he is us? A great book! I 'googled' your name looking for another to buy and this website came up.

I can truly say this is one of the first fiction novels, in the past several years, that i have not skimmed sections due to lack of imaginative content and completely enjoyed the ride May I ask about the next volume in the series? The last couple of years, about one and a half! But some books take much longer. Thanks for the kind words, Charles! I read Hegira in the 90's and loved it. And read City as soon as the bookstore could put it on the shelf. It is always interesting to read an early writer's view on what essentially involves the same topic, the end and eventual beginning of a universe.

I bet a shrink could babble on about the younger Bear vs the older Bear, but I'll just enjoy both of these for what they are, good books. Thanks, Jason! A well written and emotional book. I was expecting the same from Eon. When I had bought the book, I simply needed something to keep me occupied. As it turned out, I was truly exhilarated and could never sleep without reading that next page. Wow, it really kept me up. I may just be a 13 year old boy but its easy to spot a good book when I see one.

Eon had simple story line, but with complex twists and turns. I would would never had imagined a whole civilization within an asteroid, let alone singularities and endless caverns. The intricate descriptions left open ends so that I, the reader, could imagine the setting and personalities of characters. Over the years, I have been intrigued by physics and it limits. My father and grandfather, who is a professor, both enjoy talking to me about relativity and quantum physics. Now that I think about it, I never researched the plausibility of that book, although the Forge of God and Darwin's Radio both had some basis in scientific theory.

Iv'e grown to trust you in the scientific aspects of your books. Do you research before you write, or is it that you the concepts beforehand? I admit that some of the content in your is pretty unbelievable. One more question: Why do many of your books' titles have references to god.

For example: The Forge of God. I just wanted you to know that your book, Eon, was great. Thanks for reading. Sincerely, Julian Morales. Thanks, Julian! I do try to keep my science up to the level where actual scientists can enjoy the novels. And I'm researching all the time, one way or the other! Now ask your father and grandfather if they believe a "pi-meter" is possible I know this was discussed several years ago here. I think both concepts are quite good. Transactional Analysis is more rooted in the Freudian stages of life stuff childhood, parent, etc.

I suspect the real story is some blend of these two concepts. I know I was critical of "Society of Mind" in the past, because I considered "Transactional Analysis" to be more rooted in "real" psychological experiences. However, I think both concepts are necessary to understand the human psyche. I was wondering if anyone has considered both of these concepts together in an effort to understand the human mind as well as to develop A.

I read Julian Jaynes a long time ago late 80's I think. I think his idea has merit. No one has followed up on it as far as I know. In any case, the idea of human consciousness being a system consisting of subselves is probably correct and is necessary to both understand human consciousness and psychology as well as to develop effective A. It does not seem to me that this approach is popular among researchers in either field right now.

It is, however, quite popular among computer designers and engineers. I have just finished Asimov's Foundation books,now at Benford's, and you're up next with "Foundation and Chaos. I chuckled a bit thinking that little gekko on TV is using psychohistory to figure out how much to charge me for insurance. It's not always a pen you and your peers are holding, it's a flashlight, illuminating a bored and routine life. I drive a bus and felt a connection to "watching the Empire decay from the ground up". I am grateful to all of you for your imagination and brilliance, I'm enjoying every word.

Now it's a damn shame I'm not watching a TV miniseries from all this brilliant material instead of the same crap repeated every day. I turned off the TV and opened these books. Thanks for the joy. Actually, it is! Makes you think also and seperately of how well television-intermediate might suit the gestural qualities of an amount of the Bear canon. Bear, I wanted to thank you for the inspiration that you provided over the years through your books. Your vision has really changed the way I perceive reality and this has had a deep impact on my work I'm an illustrator digital artist, you can check my work www.

Thanks, Bill. We get a lot of requests for this one in ebook format--soon, I hope! I am a recent lower limb amputee. My current situation gives me plenty of free time to read. My mother knowing my love of the Star Wars universe buys me a copy of "Rogue Planet". It was the best SW book I've read. I am planning on reading your other novels but was wondering if you were planning on doing any more SW stuff? Hello, Mike! As well, I've got thirty other novels out there well worth your attention! Thanks-- Greg. Hello, Mr. As far as the ghostly manifestations, both works presented them in a relatively unadorned matter-of-fact way that only made the situations more plausible, effectively intensifying the creepiness and chill.

I was wondering if you've ever seen The Uninvited and, if so, if that had any influence on Dead Lines. If not, then I highly recommend that you do watch it I envy the first-timers , and in the daytime unless you don't mind jumping at shadows the rest of the night. Or Boo. Thanks, Hector! I'm a big fan of ghost stories and movies, if you haven't already guessed!

Bear, During one of my research stroles through the net I came across the anouncment that you were going to write a trilogy about the forerunners from the Halo universe. Among many things I'd like to thank you for turning your attention to this largely untaped subject. Personally I am absolutely fascinated with the mythology behind the forerunners and how they lived. To think of a race, not so dissimilar from our own, managed to create an empire that spaned most of the milky way galaxy and some how instilled their sence of peace and justice on others to the point where they were about to cast aside their weapons to further persue means of words rather than war.

Needless to say it peaked my interest. But I'm curious as to how you intend to expand on this blank point in history. More specifiaclly, what events and or people will you be using as your inspiration to write these novels? I ask this because I too am in the process of writing my own plot for a sci fi world. I won't go into the details, but I would greatly appreciate the input of a seasoned science fiction author such as yoru self. I've asked many people from my school about my work, but their knowledge on the subject is next to non existent, despite most of them being gammers like my self.

My work is centered mostly on the wars of humanity and the "evils" that inspire them. If you would be willing to respond to these questions and give me some advice on your format of imagination I would be greatly apreciated. Thankyou, Tyler Radka. Hello, Tyler! These are all excellent questions, but I'm going to have to hold off providing firm answers until January, when the first book hits the shelves.

I'll start the second volume soon. I can say that there are going to be many confirmations of what we've long expected or suspected, but some real surprises--and a few real shockers, as well. More soon! Why are UFOs all so similar and tedious in their behaviour? If I had the keys to a UFO, it might amuse me for like, a few days, zooming around with my friends laughing at the terrified reactions of the people whos car I shined my spot light.

But it would get old wouldnt it? Sooner or later youd give the keys to Ban Ki Moon and retire to build space yachts, or something, right? When I was a kid my mum read John Christpopher's chilling Tripod stories. I remember the first book when they arrive, the army find a dissectrd farmers corpse nearby, then invaders emerge and create a cult of human supporters using nanotech neural laces to prepare for a fullscale take over.

They only had a few hundred years of tech on us, hence the need to coerce us into a labour force. Youd think any alien AI worth its silicon would be able to know everything about us or turn the sun inside out from light years away, so why the spooky looking Greys and the metal implants and the dissected cows? And yet with all that, and their nutty glowing ball ships that we can actually see with our naked eyes, theyre really disciplined about not revealing anything through observation of their civilizations from space, like wars or giant artefacts or obviously engineered stars.

Everything out there seems just as youd expect given entropy and time. What do people here think? Are they just teenagers from another dimension? Actually, back in the 19th and early twentieth centuries, UFOs took on a startling variety of shapes--many of them definitely dirigible-like. Very steam-punkish! Maybe they're machines who've just been out there too long.

Relics of a dead civilization, drifting from star to star without guidance or plan, acting out meaningless fragments of a corrupted program. The little grays are synthetic avatars, fearfully advanced but rather stupid. They have no idea why they like to fly loop-de-loops and mutilate cows; these behaviors are degraded forms of activities that made sense in some very different time and place. There's still a chance that they'll reboot, of course. Then they'll shape up, apologize, and ask the cows how on Earth they trained those crazy monkeys to drive automobiles.

In Biblical times people apparently saw wheels and ladders. Later it was succubi and incubi that came out of the air and interbred with us. Science replaced magic and the little green men changed from elves to aliens. Carl Jung's last book was on flying saucers; he believed the disks were "mandalas" representing a wholeness felt to be missing from our modern world. I love the Darwin books so much, but I always want more after the books are done. Do you have plans to write another book in the series? I hope so. Thanks, have a great day! I'm re-reading this and Anvil of Stars and it never ceases to amaze me how great this bookis.

Both of them have truly great endings. I did read somewhere a while ago that there was a movie option for the Forge of God and that there was a possibility that you were going to write a third book for the series. Is this true? Is there any further news?

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Still under option, still in the works! Third book not yet contracted for. Thanks, Rodney. Greg, Loved your book Darwin's Radio. Pretty wild, huh? But there was already evidence some years back that so-called moribund or broken gene fragments could be "resurrected" and reactivated. That poly-A tail, by the by, might imply this was a transposon-copied sequence.

Transposons are those famous "jumping genes. I also do the poetry page for www.

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If you have a poem that you would like to post, please get in touch with me. Hello, Scott! Good news. I'm not writing much poetry at the moment, but that's sure to change I was going through a breakdown of sorts, and my mind needed an escape. The cover caught my eye, and upon testing out the first page, I was hooked. When things got bad, I'd escape into the Stone, captivated by the imagery of a world I wished every day was real.

I'm out now, but still read it over and over, and just recently - to my happy surprise - I learned it is part of a trilogy, and plan on jumping back into that world as soon as I find the other two. Thank you for creating this, it is bar none my favorite book to date, and I have it to thank for saving my sanity in my darkest hour. Sincerely, Tony. Very good to hear from you, Tony!

And thanks. I'm deeply gratified to know my book provided at least some relief. I can't even begin to imagine the pressures and the stresses our troops and auxiliary personnel experience over there. Keep in touch and let us know how it's going. I've been looking into climate change in relation to the North and South magnetic poles, I have wondered what will happen to the magnetosphere if the the Northern ice cap melts?

The magnetosphere is apparently produced by the earths core and the main magnetic polarities feed out of the North and South magnetic poles, the ice cap acts as a barrier to magnetic and electric fields influencing their behavior - if the ice cap at the North pole melts, surely this will influence the magnetosphere and possibly even the core of the earth.

If magnetic and electric fields are able to traverse an area of open salty water the effects on the magnetosphere could be substantial maybe even causing the core of the earth to shift alignment and alter the magnetospheres properties around the planet. I am still looking into concept this does anyone have any ideas? I suspect larger forces are at work in pole reversals, larger and deeper. Ice doesn't much affect magnetic fields, I think. But I'm happy to entertain objections! And remember, magnetic fields are incredibly weak, especially compared to gravity.

By "shifting alignment" I meant changing the position although not radically enough to change polarity completely! Maybe just accelerating the North magnetic pole more to geographic North and altering the Magnetosphere's range and trajectory, like a contact lense the ice cap is thin and small but can influence the magnetosphere in general. You heard it first folks!! G'day Greg, my dad is huge fan of yours and with your new book Hull Zero Three coming out in November, I was wondering if it was possible to get a signed copy from yourself and then posted to Perth,Austalia, as this would really make his Christmas.

Not sure that's practical from a time standpoint, Gary, but there will likely be signed copies available from University Book Store that you can order, and if you put your father's name in the request, I'm sure they will pass that along to me. G'day Greg, Thanks for getting back to me, sorry for the stupid question, but when you say "signed copies available from University book store" is that a particular University or will any one be able to do this?

Regards, Gary. I was excited to read of the imminent release of your space-based sci-fi novel Hull Zero Three. I've always hoped, after beginning to read sci-fi with The Way and Forge of God series, that you'd return to the space setting. And it is auspiciously released on my birthday. Looking forward to it very much! I wish you a happy birthday in advance, Mike! Great to hear about this new book coming. Afraid I had conflated it with the coming work on the Halo game universe. Looking forward ;. Heads up Ever seen the Aurora Cialis?

If it lasts for more than four hours, see your optometrist. Viagra Falls? Slowly I turned, step by step Stop that! It was only 5 or so years late as well. And using its WiFi or 3G capability you can link it to a more powerful 'processor' as well. I've already used mine to hook up to my Ubuntu server. They'll have to prise it from my cold, dead hands Best wishes and thanks for many happy years reading your books. Check it out on Facebook! Just found out you were there,and were not. The one major external event we went to was a bust.

Being at Con My wife had to watch the finale twice, and I had to reference The Temporal Metaphysics from CITY to explain what was happening to time collapsing in that episode. At least they didn't call the Cracks in Time "Fractured Eternity" This is probably it for me for a while. I barely have time for FB I spent the entire months of April and May with no time to read any books Doris Lessing and Olaf Stapledon finally solved that.

Unfortunately,I don't have any unread Greg Bear laying about. Hope you had a better time Con and Con-week than we did. I thoroughly enjoyed the new Doctor Who Season, including the finale. I've watched the new Sherlock Holmes too. Very good indeed. And there are enough little references to the Conan Doyle books to enjoy spotting. Shame they only made the three episodes. I did see an interview with Steven Moffat last week and he did say they will be making some more.

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Can't wait. Greg, I just wanted to say that I have been here before and am familiar with your work, but I just saw you in person for the first time at the ComicCon Halo Universe panel you spoke at. I just wanted to say that I am very excited for you to be entering the artists who have worked on my favorite franchise, especially since the Forerunner are my favorite part of the Halo universe. Thanks, that's all! Just wanted to say how excited I am. Just putting in some revisions before shipping it off to the publishers--more work left to do, but soon the first volume will be on its way! I am still crying from memories of taching Special Educ.

In learning early on how to hide my own intelligence, I often wept at the lack of 'what next' for these children. Stella is a dream yet realized by society. I ran a summer camp for "the disadvantaged" of Easter Seals many yrs. I have recently done studies with Dr. He may add much to your store of knowledge. Main St. A Cottonwood, AZ Ph: GOD Uni Verse bless you for writing..

Anvil of Change

Now I am off to find 'Vitals'. Many thanks, Jediah. Humility is the hardest therapy of all--for any of us. Honestly, I have not read much future fiction since Robert Heinlein died but will investigate more in the future. One minor point of disagreement. You seem to hold the widely believed but incorrect view that the USA could be forced to default on its debt. The US government neither needs to tax or borrow in order to spend all it wants to and in fact when it taxes money is destroyed and does not actually pay for anything.

Many people do not seem to understand that Federal government debt is a private asset and that the so called national debt is equal to the privately held dollar denominated finacial assets to the penny. Nancy Pelosi recently asked Ben Bernanke how likely it was the US would default and he replied not likely at all "unless Congress decides to. I have been studying monetary reform and theory over 3 decades. Ever trying to pave the road ahead but mostly dodging potholes, Phillip.

Thanks for the thoughts and kind words, Philip! So, if the Chinese and Singapore call our loans and we can borrow no more money on the international market, and the dollar is no longer acceptable as international currency, and whatever we are owed by another nation is garnished Worse case scenario, to be sure. But finances have always been important in the art of war. Not paying for a war--and rampant, reckless borrowing over time--have always had negative repercussions, with or without the gold standard in place.

When the U. We suffer, somehow, when the theory says we shouldn't! As Mr. I've got to agree with Mr. Bear on this one. The key is not that we would default, it's that as we get closer to the possibility even if it remains remote there is an incremental cost of capital to the change in perceived and measurable distance to the possibility. It's a lot easier to get a loan at a low rate if you are not already knee deep in debt. It's a lot easier to pay it off when your currency isn't highly devalued. While I am certain a lot of people buy audio books to use while they are driving, walking, working out, and so on, I find that I am a great deal more immersed in a book if I sit quietly somewhere, with no distractions, and simply read the damned thing.

Under the influence of a good author, I can see, in my mind's eye, the things that are happening. I recently was able to download, with much anticipation, and for free, a couple of books by one of my favorite authors, which I had not read, and started to listen to one, only to quickly find the experience was much lacking. I found myself distracted by minutiae. Pronunciation, and so on. Kind of like when you see a movie based on a favorite book, and nothing is the way you had pictured it.

So it keeps taking you out of the movie, and keeps trampling your suspension of disbelief. Most of all, though, I found myself getting bored, just sitting and listening to someone read. I suppose I could listen while driving, but I think at that point I might be a greater menace to my fellow motorists than are the people who habitually talk on their phones while doing so. To qualify this, however, I should say that I am incapable of becoming absorbed in a book while other media are on. Television, music, all serve as insurmountable distractions.

Random sounds of actual nature are not a problem. Surf and gulls, a babbling brook and wind through the trees, a crackling fire I mean the real thing, not the recorded, repetitive stuff Anyone out there agree with me? Or am I just a hopeless anomaly in our technological world? Oh, and by the way, Greg, I don't wish to adversely affect in any way your sales in whatever medium profits you. Not that I could actually do so I'm just saying that this particular medium doesn't work for me.

So, no offense, huh? I like to listen to them in bed before falling asleep under-pillow speaker. I purchase about 3 audio books a year from Audible. Incidentally, I just finished the hard cover of Mariposa, and since I also just ordered a Kindle, I'll be looking forward to reading Hull Zero Three on it. The reasons for my Kindle adoption are a compact format, and b ability to search: I'm bad at names and sometimes need to look back to see who a particular character is.

With a paer book, this can be a challenge. Thank you for your books! I got hooked with EON years ago and haven't left since. I have also read the print version and enjoyed it much more doing so. Is one bad experience enough to decide that I don't like audio books? I don't know, maybe I'll try again some day, but for now I'm happy to stick with print.

I do listen to music, though, while reading. Usually what I'm reading dictates what I listen to. For sci-fi it's ambient electronica with a kind of spacey feel. I started doing that to drowned out the distractions on the train on the way to work in the mornings. I found if I picked the right sounds it could even add to reading experience. Now I never read without my mp3 plugged into my head. I have read a lot of Greg Bear's book, but I have also listened to several. I absolutely loved them. The main thing I picked up on is that the readers are actually doing a performance.

All of the audio "performances" I have heard of Greg Bear's works have been outstanding. Frankly I wish there were more works by Greg Bear available in audiobook. Eon would be nice :- Keep up the great work. Best regards, Jon K. Thanks, GS! I deeply appreciate the work of these fine readers. I attended a panel event featuring professionals who create audiobooks at Comic-Con a couple of years ago--very enlightening. It all depends on the audiobook. The one for War War Z, while missing sections, had a few embellishments and improvements.

Anvil of Change (Edge of Destiny, #1) by Jack Dash

The different characters were actually voiced by different actors! It's practically an audio play, some parts where people scream were really unnerving. I think there is a future for this sort of thing now that it can be distributed online. From the paper: "In this paper we will argue that the central notion needed to derive gravity is information. More precisely, it is the amount of information associated with matter and its location, in whatever form the microscopic theory likes to have it," "Thus we are going to assume that information is stored on surfaces, or screens. Screens separate points, and in this way are the natural place to store information about particles that move from one side to the other.

Thus we imagine that this information about the location particles is stored in discrete bits on the screens. The dynamics on each screen is given by some unknown rules, which can be thought of as a way of processing the information that is stored on it. Hence, it does not have to be given by a local field theory, or anything familiar.

The microscopic details are irrelevant for us. See also his Wikipedia entry. This is so cool it's worth trying to get some dim idea of the holographic principle and string theory. Updates are clearly needed! Thanks for the pointer to Kantor's work. Doing a little Wikipedaling around Kantor leads me to the suspicion most of quantum information theory is about qubits and such, i. But Kantor's work also seems to be more fundamental, since he is messing with the uncertainty principle. Maybe I'll buy a used copy of IM and see if my antique brain can handle it. No technical background here.

The little I've read about that is oddly perhaps misleadingly compelling We have weight because space is somehow expanding more rapidly in the vicinity of matter, etc. The thought has an Einsteinian flavor to it "clearing the slate" and rethinking what the universe is actually telling you, I mean. His book The Final Theory purports to make it sensible, but I've never read it.

The connection in my own crackpot brain is a "many worlds" one: A "bit" represents a choice--the more bits you've got, the greater the spreading of timelines. One need simply picture the space in which McCutcheon's "expansion" takes place as being the multiversal one, right?

The expansion is constantly accelerating because outcomes themselves are always dividing; the expansion is always just beginning because subjectively time itself is always "just beginning. No mystery. And Inflation? Living organisms are "choice generators" and the appearance of intelligent life pulls out all stops. Culture changes physics Olaf Stapledon and Greg Bear are born Well, I've said it. I can die happy now, assured that my brilliant little insight will survive me. One of my previous suppositions was that it was the processing of information about particle relationships that caused a vector change.

The larger the mass, the more particles to keep updated. In a sense, the "refresh" rate of the universe causes gravity. But needless to say I could never do the math. I need to refresh myself on Bear. Verlinde and McCutcheon will have to wait! Wiki says this show used a similar premise as in Blood Music, but wasn't there a credit in the beginning saying 'based on Blood Music, by Greg Bear'. Sharks, limulus horseshoe crab etc. I do not know that this is a demonstrated scientific fact, however.

Perhaps I could put the hypothesis this way: If you want to evolve rapidly, be prepared to get sick regularly. I can't remember who He doesn't find it before he's done in Bear, I thought you should be aware that someone did a quick and dirty job of scanning your amazing novel for the e-reads edition. Below is the text of the letter I have sent to to the publisher.

It is obvious to me that this E-reads edition was produced by way of scanning a paperback copy of Mr. Bear's novel. What should have occurred after the scanning process, is copy-editing by a human being, which was plainly not done for Blood Music. By the time I reached page 52, this is what I found : p7 ground floor on the east comer corner p14 cool dean swallow clean p25 no sense hi being punished in p27 active lymphocyte hi the human in p31 Look, the bar's dosing closing p33 and the thud a year ago third p33 she kept staring at nun him p36 reasonably witty at tunes times p45 imagined state of having a rather father p51 Put the little suckers to work, him?

It was a quirky curiosity at first, but soon I found it interrupting the flow of the novel, and bringing me out of the richly detailed world Mr.