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But it's important to have some fitness as you'll hit big hills within a week whichever direction you travel in. Add at least a week for your route. Across the Plains I was hit most days by windy conditions followed by torrential rain usually 30 minutes worth. Usually you can take cover well before it happens as the clouds build up during the day.

But you soon dry out! Finally I was never bitten but being chased several times a day by packs of dogs rapidly loses its fun value - you have been warned. Crazy dogs, heatwaves, and snow! Sound's like it'll be a real adventure. Can't wait to get started!

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Cycled down to Yorktown, which is the official start point of the Centenary Trail, then on to Florence Oregon and then down the coast to San Francisco to get the flight back home. I was towing a bike trailer and had my 65th birthday on the way while crossing through Kansas. I managed to average 11 mph overall, longest day's ride miles. Glad I started early because I read stories of people who started later they had extremely hot humid and wet weather.

Cycling Across the US, Coast to Coast

As far as wind is concerned I didn't think there was any prevailing wind, I got my fair share of headwinds and tailwinds. Tip, make a very early start to miss most of the wind which starts blowing hard from about 10 a. Found the American people extremely kind, helpful and welcoming. The people I stayed with in D. I particularly enjoyed the Space and Aeronautical Museum. It'll save you buying Adventure Cycling maps. It's what I used. It's exactly the same route as their maps but much cheaper. Gives you all the details of each days ride and where to stay. If you do a Google search for the American tourist offices of the states that you will be passing through and contact them, they will send you, for free, their states roadmap.

In the States they broadcast, continuously, the local daily weather forecasts and also give warning of any dangerous weather. Saved my bacon a couple of times when I had to seek shelter, once from a tornado and once from very strong 90 mph wind. I didn't stick slavishly to their route as they take you up and down every hill they can find.

I often deviated to miss the hills by taking some main roads, particularly the main roads which have been replaced by a free-way. They were excellent and pretty free of traffic. I was camping most of the time and when there wasn't a campsite nearby I found that if you asked nicely, people were very kind and didn't mind me camping in their garden.

Note: Don't say garden say Yard when asking. Garden in America means where they grow their flowers and vegetables. Found that a 2 inch thick self inflating mattress and a down sleeping bag to be great investments. Having warm comfortable nights sleep on such a long trip is mandatory. Take warm and cool clothing with you. Temperatures varied a lot. Going through Yellowstone Park try and make friends with somebody in a car to show you around.

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The park is a huge and the places of interest are far apart. I was very lucky and made friends with a photographer and he took me everywhere. Just another example of American hospitality. Just a little extract from my diary. Scott City, Kansas, Sunday, May 30, I am sitting in a restaurant having breakfast, fellow diners are dressed in jeans, cowboy boots, and Stetson hats.

The wild West!! I'll check that book out on amazon, the official maps are a bit pricey. I'm based in West London and would be happy to meet up and share ideas. It's going to be my first cycle tour Recommended for the armchair fantasist and wannabe tourist. I had wondered about the requirements for flying with a bike. I was going to purchase a lightweight bike bag and protect the tubes with piping insulation, but the thought of carrying a bag across USA only to be used twice seems a bit crazy.

I'll figure something out. Aidan, my first tour was miles around Europe, so it is possible to do a long tour as your first all I did was to read up on the subject and go for a few test runs before hand! When I get hold of a copy of that book, I'll PM you. It'll be good to meet up and discuss ideas. Keith, crazyguyonabike is a great site I could spend hours on there! Trans America.. Heard the northern route is much more scenic If you do TA.. If you start on the west coast early some mountain passes are snowed in.. You will find wind evens itself out.. Virginia and Kentucky are very humid in the summer..

Miss those if you go e to w.. And be warned the Missouri is the hardest state to cycle thru.. My advice.. Colorado is very busy with traffic Our staff will have your top-quality Kelty tent waiting your arrival daily. Inside your tent will be a thick air mattress already inflated.

Your baggage delivered already inside your tent. A deluxe camp chair placed under the shade of a group of E-Z Ups awaits you along with a cooler full of all sorts of drinks and a variety of snacks. In the morning, just zip up your baggage and head to the breakfast table. Is there anything better than the smell of fresh coffee and grilling bacon in the middle of nowhere? Will there be some hardships and adversities along the way? Probably so. Some head winds, sure. Some hot days, no doubt. Some cold nights, most likely. Some chip and seal roads, definitely.

The tough parts have faded away almost instantly and nothing but nostalgia remains. The group became family for 52 days.

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We ate together, rode together, showered together, slept together, and because of the many clothing items provided by Bubba, we were usually dressed alike. It is hard to accept the fact that on day 53, the members of the group all spun off in different directions— many never to meet again. I read recently that there are two components to happiness— gratification and satisfaction.

It is seemingly more gratifying to sit on a comfortable couch sipping coffee and reading or watching television than it is to hike up a long, hard mountain. But the view at the top, the pride of accomplishment and the memory of the day are richly gratifying and satisfying. This seems the perfect analogy to our long and hard bicycle ride. The miles that I rode, the people I rode with and the landscapes I rode through all add up to an unforgettable experience that I feel privileged to have shared with the other riders. I wish it could be promised that you will be biking the entire way on a freshly paved off-road bike path with a downhill grade and a tailwind ending daily.

I cannot nor will not make such a promise. What I can promise you is this. As you dip your front wheel into the Atlantic Ocean in St. What will matter is what you have just accomplished.

How Long Does it take to Bike Across America?

You have actually bicycled Coast 2 Coast. Yes, Cross Country Bicycle Tour. There are several options to choose from when selection a cross country bicycle tour.

It is very important that you choose the right tour for you. This is why Bubba requires each rider to call in advance so they can chat to determine if this tour best meets their needs. There will be no additional fees associated with a vegetarian meal plan. There may be additional fees associated depending on those special dietary needs. Friends and family are always welcomed to join for meals.

You will be asked to inform the Chef in advance and pay her directly for those extra meals. If by chance treatment requires more than the current day, it will be your responsibility to rejoin the tour. The best food you will every have on a bike tour, promise. Your Name required. Your Email required. Which ride is your question regarding? Your Message. Would you like to receive notifications about upcoming rides from Bubbas Pampered Pedalers? Click here to access the registration forms Do you have Vision? Click here to access the registration forms Picture yourself here, at the Pacific Ocean, ready for the start of your 52 day adventure.

Few comments from the Coasters: Best experience of my life. Bubba and his staff are the best! Daniel H. Greatest experience of my life. The people. The road. If you have the slightest hint of an idea you want to do it then sign up and DO IT! Mark H. Few comments from the Coasters : Missing my new friends and family.

Missing the daily routine. Thank you Bubba and your entire staff for an incredible journey. The memories will live on forever. Sue T Love you Bubba. Diane R. Thank you for the most awesome tour I have ever done.

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Rose S An amazing lifetime experience. Best ever. Thank you Bubba. Rita A You made this tour extremely enjoyable for everyone. There was no back-room chatter about anything negative about you or your great support staff. We all could tell by the bags under your eyes you had some long nights but you always landed on your feet with the best solutions for the tour. You made this tour memorable AND fun for 43 riders. John S Notes from a past rider:. One year ago I landed in San Diego. I had several snickering people back home. I dedicated the ride to all my classmates who picked me last.

All my coaches who said I was too slow and too fat. What if they were right? It was like going to a new school in junior high. That first few days in the mountains I reminded myself that I had no place to train for ft. I was the slowest rider in the world. I stopped frequently to breathe and took lots of photos.

Every day when I finally arrived at camp the Coasters cheered. I rejoiced at my accomplishment. Those snickering people got quieter every day. Those strangers I started with became my cheerleaders. We had bumps and bruises along the way. I toured great courthouses. Ate Blu Belle ice cream every day sometimes more than just once.

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