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The Book of Blood and Shadow

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Review Posted Online: Dec. Nora is a liar.

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Well, maybe not a liar, but rather, someone who withholds information. When she started at Chapman Prep as a scholarship student, she told people she was an only child. Chris knew her secret: her older brother had died several years before in a drunk driving accident, killing himself and a girl.

Nora becomes best friends with Chris and his girlfriend, Adriane, yet they never visit her in at her house.

The Book of Blood and Shadow

They are both very close yet at arms length. When those friends are threatened, it makes sense that Nora risks everything by going to Prague to get answers. I was as shocked as Nora by the blood and broken bodies. Her pursuit of the truth, of who killed Chris, takes her to Prague. Prague is where Elizabeth Weston lived, and as her letters reveal, Weston herself knew the secrets of the Voynich manuscript and hid clues around Prague for her beloved brother to find.

It is bridge from human to divine. It is knowledge and power of God in the hands of man. It is between these two groups of zealots that Nora finds herself, unsure of her role, not knowing which group killed Chris. Because Nora was smart and brave. Because it makes Latin and history and learning and being smart cool and fun. Because it brings history alive. At first I felt a little confused with the characters. Nora is a wonderful and strong character that I could easily relate to. She's taken the death of her brother hard, especially because it means that the relationship she has with her parents has become estranged.

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The one thing she's good at is Latin, and she throws herself into it, not just as something to prove her worth to her father, but to keep herself busy. And she likes it. Nora questions things, she doesn't automatically make rash decisions and she doesn't become engrossed with Max straight away, and it's not the gushy type of love as well that you see in most books. I really liked Nora, she's someone I would be friends with myself. The way she found herself connecting to Elizabeth Weston was a really good way for the reader to be able to understand why Elizabeth was writing the letters to her brother.

All Elizabeth's emotions and thoughts tended to mirror Nora's.

As for Chris, Adrienne, Max and Eli, the other main characters in the book, sometimes it was hard to grasp them. All the characters were fantastic and made the book what it was, but sometimes it felt as if the others were disconnected and weren't rounded. Nora's relationship with Chris was one that I found difficult, especially at first, as it seemed that they were the couple, and it had me confused at times, until later on when Nora and Max get together and it's made clear that Chris and Adrienne are seeing each other.

It's really hard to describe why I didn't feel as connected to these characters without being spoilery again, but I assure you, if you read this book you will understand.

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  4. One of the best things about this novel for me was probably the setting. Prague is the most amazing city I've ever been to, and I absolutely adore it.

    Robin Wasserman - Wikipedia

    The way that Robin described the city was in such detail that I actually felt as if I was back in Prague again. It's a wonderful feeling, reading about all the places in the book and actually being able to visualize them properly, and know exactly where the characters were! The Book of Blood and Shadow for me was one of the best books I've read in a while. It was completely different from anything I've read before. It made me think, it made me question. I was completely captured by this book, and though I've not read anything by Robin before, I will definitely be seeing what else she has written.

    I'm sure that if it's anything like tBoBaS, then it'll be a great read! This book is so bad rubbish about trying to find a machine that will take you to god and letters from some girl that are so boring and the French translation and I think Greek and I think Italian is rubbish I am a teenager and most of the time I could not understand what they were on about and references to Jews so much rubbish save your money don't buy it.