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See: perpetuity. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? It seemed an endless time to Rosamond, in whose inmost soul there was hardly so much annoyance as gratification from what had just happened. View in context. Over the past ten turbulent days, many small businesses, like ours, throughout Westchester County lost endless time and revenue due to widespread power outages plaguing the entire Hudson Valley.

I have suffered immense mental agony for endless time before gathering courage to lodge complaint against them at the Itanagar women police station, said the victim. One of the most informative sections of the exhibition explores the Maya calendar.

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An interactive feature allows you to not only see how the interlocking systems functioned, and how the Maya calendar corresponds with our own Gregorian system; you can also find particular days, such as your birthday, and look them up in the Maya calendar. Alongside this, a short documentary explains how the calendar was deciphered by first unlocking the numerical system. This painstaking process, which did not see any major breakthroughs until the 19th century, is well explained and includes an interview with leading Mayanist, Michael D.

The sophistication of the Maya system is clearly demonstrated, along with its importance to our existing knowledge of their civilisation as a whole.

Days of Endless Time

The Maya fastidiously dated their monuments, many of which recount dynastic histories, which means that we can now very accurately trace the rise and fall of each city. For example, this is how we know that the collapse of the Classic Maya happened at all, because the frequent inscriptions on display in each city suddenly ceased. Testament to the calendar's importance is the fact that prior to cracking the system, those studying the Maya, including the Spanish friars of the 16th century, had no idea how old the civilisation actually was.

Key also to understanding Maya history was the deciphering of their writing system, which was not fully understood until the 20th century. A controversial figure from the 16th century, the Dominican friar and later Bishop of the Yucatan, Diego de Landa , played an invaluable role in this task as he created a dictionary of the Maya script.

Landa's brutal inquisition led to many being tortured and it was deemed by contemporaries as an excessive and illegal measure, for which he was investigated and put on trial back in Spain. The unwillingness to provide credit for Landa's contribution to our knowledge about the Maya is understandable; nevertheless, it is impossible to deny his importance, or that of any of the other Spanish friars who painstakingly recorded language systems and various aspects of indigenous life throughout Mesoamerica. The paradox is that they were chroniclers and preservers of history on the one hand, and eradicators of cultural practices on the other.

Days of Endless Time - Hirshhorn Museum

Also, the fact that their interpretation of indigenous culture was tainted by their desire to place the Mesoamerican people within their understanding of the world: i. Despite the extent of this destruction, the Maya civilisation has endured through what they have left behind. The late Classic funerary masks in the section entitled 'Entering the Path: Maya Funeral Rites' provide an apt demonstration of this: a permanent visage made from precious stones, such as jade, would be created for the rulers of great cities to preserve their spirit.

These masks were placed on the face after death to replace the flesh that would decompose, ensuring the wearer's immortality.

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As the visitor here in the UK in looks upon the undying faces of these rulers — men who died over a thousand years ago and thousands of miles from here — the success of their quest for immortality cannot be denied. Despite the fall of their once great civilisation, the Maya live on. Follow her on Twitter amyfullermorgan.

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Skip to main content. Tagore was awarded a knighthood in , but he surrendered it in in protest against the Massacre at Amritsar, where British troops killed around Indian demonstrators.

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Tagore gained a reputation in the West as a mystic originally and that has perhaps mislead many Western readers to ignore his role as a reformer and critic of colonialism. Share it with your friends:. Make comments, explore modern poetry. Join today for free! Sign up with Facebook.

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. Phatik Chakravorti was ringleader among the boys of the village. Lips' language to lips' ears.