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There are many points of contention and complaints in regards to the so-called information provided in this report including information that directly conflicts data from the government and other organizations that are working in the global logging industry. Can you please elaborate on those points as someone that have much experience in the global timber trade?

The Planning Department informs the Inspection Department to make a counter check. With so many levels of checking by different officers, I can strongly say that Mr Cheng never made grading fraud. The EIA is free to check with the concerned MTE department by mentioning exact logs which they accused of grading fraud, MTE should have clear records and photographs for all log parcels.

This is not the only allegation that the EIA has not researched properly. This the EIA could have easily verified, but did not do so. The allegations are nonsense. Can you please tell all of us about the late Mr. Cheng Pui Chee, also known by his Thai name Mr. Chetta Apipatana — and the widespread accusations that have been levelled against him and Thai Sawat?

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Mr Cheng loved his work, often working late, long after office hours and I would stay behind to work with him. He cared very deeply about timber and the forests of Myanmar. What I would like to make crystal clear about Mr Cheng is that he is very kind hearted person. Mr Cheng taught me not only about work and business but also how to stay in life. And I nominated him as my godfather. Mr Cheng was always very supportive of me and encouraged me to learn Thai and English, even renting an English teacher.

7-Eleven $3 coffee rip-off exposed

He taught me about the timber industry, log inspection, shipping, good customer relations, but even the right table manners, and about religions and customs, cultures, histories, the importance of business ethics. He taught me very patiently and step by step. He is not only my boss but also my teacher to me. I couldn't even find the words to describe his kindness and to express how much he has inspired me for my life.

What kind of things must be done so that the EIA take responsibility for their wrongs and possible implications and ulterior motives that such an organization has for their report? The EIA tried to trick me to say bad things too. When they met me in October they lied about who they were.

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They were from EIA but they pretended they were Chinese timber traders who wanted to buy a lot of timber for a big project in Montenegro. I would say to the EIA that if they are going to try to destroy the reputation of a well-loved man like Mr Cheng, then they need to get their facts right. But they just wanted to find a name they could make allegations against. Preferably a name they had never met.

And they waited until he was dead so that he could not answer back. They mislead not only through printing false information but also by not publishing the information that contradicts their claims. Their purpose is really to say that Myanmar cannot run its own business. They want Myanmar's Timber trade to be directed by international bodies like themselves.

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That is their real motive. But with all their mistakes they show it is they who do not understand the measures Myanmar has put in place to ensure the timber trade is carried out legally and ethically and that it is done sustainably too. The EIA could end up damaging the legitimate timber trade in Myanmar, and set back progress here.

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How much more counter-productive could their interference be? Follow us:. Skip to main content. Search form Search.

Published 1 July The wrong man? Related Articles.

More than half involved children unintentionally eating edible cannabis

Latest Issues , Interview. Beauty from the inside out AsiaNewsNetwork. Holy river in an unholy state AsiaNewsNetwork. Entertainment , Interview. A chat with beloved and rising star Poe Mamhe Thar. The case is believed to be connected to a wider hepatitis A outbreak in the area that has been ongoing since August. Customers who used the restroom or consumed a fountain drink, fresh fruit or food from the hot food case should contact the county health department to get information about receiving a preventive hepatitis A injection, the release said. Prepackaged items don't pose a risk of exposure.

How countries around the world try to encourage vaccination.

Eleven cases of youths hospitalized from cannabis exposure: study

The estimate of 2, residents is based on the store's average sales volume, the health department said. Hepatitis A is a highly contagious liver disease caused by the hepatitis A virus and is most frequently transmitted by eating food or drinking water handled by someone who has not properly washed their hands. It can also be spread by sex and illicit drug use. Symptoms -- which include nausea, vomiting, fever and fatigue -- can take 15 to 50 days to appear.

The virus is especially hard to kill and can live for months outside the body, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The store has since been sanitized, the health department said, and 7-Eleven is cooperating with a health department investigation. The statement added that all employees at that location had received a hepatitis A vaccine from the Salt Lake County Health Department.