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Aliss is a contender and it will be no surprise to you that she gave the cold symptoms their marching orders and the event was a great success. Nobody at the workshop would have known. One acts out of fear of man and the other acts out of faith. We may not all feel like we have the faith of others but even so, God in His wisdom will often surprise us even in our doubts and weaknesses because He is so incredibly good.

Healing is one of God’s Benefits

And all He requires of us is the smallest step towards trusting in His goodness and power. What did they do? They simply got up despite their doubts and fears and tried again! So, getting back to our question: Can I lay hands on the sick and see them healed even though I have the very same thing myself? Hi Rob, I am challenged at the moment to be serious about fasting and praying to bring about the power of God in my life and to get answered prayer apparently more than just praying without fasting.

Why Doesn't God Heal Everyone?

Do you practice fasting and praying in your healing ministry. We practice fasting whether from food, TV, social media etc.. Bless you as you pursue the things of God. A few years ago I was visiting my daughter and I went on Sunday to her church. While there, the pastor asked who would like to pray for a lady with back pain. I have experienced a lot of that being I was medically retired from my career because of a back injury. So, I went right up to pray with others asking Jesus to help that lady. I did not realize until later that my own back had received healing while I was praying for someone else; not myself!

Pray God! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. View Larger Image. About the Author: Rob Cresswell. Rob has been in active business and charity leadership for over 15 years and is a gifted communicator. He has a BA in fine art and has had a career focusing on graphic design, publishing and IT media. Rob lives with his wife Aliss in their home town of Chester UK and they have two adult children.

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Related Posts. Unexpected Miracles — Find out more about the people…. Jesus was on the boat asleep, a sudden storm came out of nowhere, and the disciples were afraid for their lives. Jesus discerns the motive and intent of the storm and spoke to the winds and the waters and His command was obeyed. What are we speaking a word of calmness to and rebuking what is contrary to our purpose and destiny? Rest to recover! Words have power! Words can harm a person, mentally and psychologically.

Words have the capacity to hurt feelings, create wars, curses, and even bring about sickness, disease, and emotional pain. Words carry the potency of bringing the prophetic promises of the Lord from the spiritual realm into the natural realm. God has not created you to be sick for the rest of your life. It is not the will of the Lord for you to be saved, Spirit-filled, and sick at the same time. Break every fear, doubt, and personal reservation concerning your healing breakthrough. Oftentimes, we are waiting for the pastor, prophet, or healing evangelist who flew to our city to touch and pray for us to receive our healing.

However, it will be your faith that will make you whole. It is completely fine at times to find others to touch and agree in faith with you to receive your breakthrough. But in the meantime, what will you do, for example, if you are faced with an intruder who just broke into your home? While waiting for police to come, you are faced with doing something immediately. You may have to defend yourself by warding off the intruder until help arrives.

I believe in self-healing, and I believe it can happen through commanding our bodies to function, operate, and work as God has created it to perform. Healing is something we have to command and own for ourselves. Knowing that we have commanding power, it is clear to understand biblically what the authority and power has been given to us. Jesus emphatically stated in Luke Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

Jesus said we have power over all the power of the enemy! This means all and any works of the enemy, whether its sickness, disease, demons spirits, infirmities, etc. Jesus did not give us power to sit on the sideline and allow the enemy to short cut our healing and breakthrough. Jesus gave us power to do something with it. We possess the same power. The ultimate Commander in Chief—Jesus Christ—has released delegated authority and power to you—the believer.

He purposed for you to possess power and authority over the enemy. That may also mean through the power of your commands. Police officers have been given the right to act, or legal authority, to do the job. A badge is the legal authorization given to an officer that is coded and has a specific identification number. The badge number is connected to who they are and who authorized them. Moreover, a gun does not make an officer official; anyone can have a gun, the badge is what identifies and authorizes the officer to use his or her authority and a weapon.

As a bornagain, Spirit-filled believer, Jesus has given you exousia power to trample on anything contrary to His Word, and against you spiritually. God has made us spiritual enforcers to bind and loose, trample upon anything that is not in the will of God. We are like officers given a badge of access and legal delegated authority to make commands that will bring results. Authority is our heavenly badge, seal, signet, and symbol that represent the government of God through the power exousia of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is the only authority, and everything bows and submits and confesses to Him see Philippians Do not allow the enemy to tread upon you like a doormat—take up your bed and walk in your authority and healing. Let me be very clear here, the devil may have power dunamis , but God has given you authority.

Spiritual Healing To Heal Yourself And Others

Not only has God given you authority, but authority over all the limited ability power of the enemy! For example, a person may have a gun as the police do, but the police have authority and the right to carry a weapon because of the badge and exousia that has been given to him or her. The officer can make an official arrest of a person who is carrying a concealed gun that does not have a license to carry a weapon. The officer has the authority over the person who is not an officer with a badge who is carrying a deadly weapon. We have legal authority to command healing over any demonic opposition.

The authority that Jesus has given you means that you have been given legal control, access and the right—and He is the only one who can delegate it to you. In other words, Jesus has given you commanding authority over all the works of the enemy and He supports, backs, and reinforces you. A gun is a form of power, which can bring great harm if used; therefore, it represents dunamis dynamis. As I stated, a criminal may carry a gun as can someone who is licensed to carry, but that does not mean anything compared to an officer with a badge who is authorized to enforce the law and make an arrest.

Commanding your healing by the Word of God will bring about results—if you believe.

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The Word of God is true, and it works every time—if we allow it to work. We have to take God at His Word. The Word of God is the key, and the Holy Spirit is the compass for healthy, prosperous, and righteous living. Debt, sickness, disease, and demon-free living! Sickness and disease has no rental space or place in our physical temples, our bodies.

God did not create our bodies to become hosts for demons, sickness, disease, or pain. Our bodies are to be hosts of His presence, power, healing, virtue, and authority. We are called to command, tread on sickness and disease, and drive out demon spirits.

Everything has to be subject to you! Whatever you are faced with today, know that through prophetic confession, commands, and declaration of the Word of God, you will see things change for the better. If a Spirit-filled, born-again, blood-washed believer is afflicted and infected with sickness, the devil has broken the law and now you can activate your legal rights of eviction, healing through the exousia authority that God has given you to stop him.

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  • When the enemy violates the law by breaking it to afflict you with sickness, then you must rise up and take authority over it. If you have yielded yourself to sin, which has opened the door to satan and given him legal right to afflict you, then you must repent to God, renounce the act of sin, and close every legal ground given to the enemy. Evict, sever, and shut any evil alliance or open door.

    Command your freedom with the authority and power of God that has been given to you. I notice in the ministry of Jesus that He never prayed for the sick. He commanded them to be healed.